AAN-701 - Single Solid Door Snack Size Freezer Cabinet

Forced draught.

With big and small doors.

For freezing (-18 ºC ÷ -22 ºC), using R-404 A gas, always at room temperature 38 ºC.

Display cabinets with big and small doors.

External case of stainless steel.

Stainless steel interior, with rounded corners at the bottom.

Adjustable legs.

Doors with automatic locking device, and fans stop when door is opened.

Internal shelves of plastic-coated steel, adjustable in height.

Internal lighting.

Working temperature: -18 ºC / -22 ºC at room temperature of 38ºC.

Removable, ventilated airtight compressor.

Gas no CFC.

Injected polyurethane insulation.

Density 40 kg/m3. No CFC.

Copper evaporator with aluminium fins.

Automatic evaporation of water during defrosting.

Electronic temperature and defrosting control and display.

Operating voltage 220/240 V – I – 50/60 Hz.

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